The paper round.

To cut a long story short, when Lauren was 13, she put her name down for a paper round. Now 3 years later they rang up asking if she’d be interested. Lauren already has a Saturday job, so said no but offered her brothers services. He was chuffed, he’s saving up for a new computer!

Ok…..I’ve had some pretty crappy jobs over the years. Making tea bags and cleaning, who’d have thought a paper round would be on the same level!

Alexander is thankfully only covering the paper round whilst the normal girl is on holiday. We started the paper round on Saturday. The papers were dropped off at our house, so by 10:00 we were out delivering. 

To start with the bag was so bloody heavy Alexander couldn’t even lift it, so I had to carry it! We had all good intentions to walk round; we’d only delivered ten papers and we had to return home because the bag was hurting my neck and back! So the rest we delivered by car! 

Most were easy to deliver. But I do wonder who comes up with the number system in some streets! It drove us mad! We had to deliver to a couple of flats, one was fine but the other we didn’t know whether you buzzed to go in or put it through the main letter box (I was concerned someone else would take it). A rather unpleasant women on the intercom was no help at all, luckily another resident delievered it for us!

Alexander told me last night he hates doing the paper round. It’s to much ‘effort’. Tell me about it! So I told him fine, Lauren and I would do it; he’d have to give us the money! He was keen on that  idea!!

So, roll on Friday, that’s all I can say!! 



2 thoughts on “The paper round.

  1. traceycwilliams says:

    I can’t believe they called after 3 years of Lauren having her name down. It sounds a nightmare job, and funnily enough a few weeks ago Morgan said he fancied getting a paper round. After I told him what it would entail I was soon met with grunts of ‘that’s way too much effort’ xx

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