The boy wants extra money

Alexander will be 13 in July. He’s desperate to get a job ever since his sister got a Saturday job last year. Unfortunately he’s not even older enough at the moment for a paper round! So on Friday last week he came up with an idea on how to earn some extra money. Could he do some jobs around the house? Maybe help prepare dinner (love him)? We had a chat and both decided that every day he’d be incharge of taking out the recycling and food waste and put out the bins each week. This would earn him an extra £5 per week! So on Saturday his new job started, not to well as he thought he’d be starting on Monday! But bless him he took it like a man(!!!) and got on with his new role. Daddy helped to start of with, the recycling bins can be rather confusing for an adult! So now every morning he sorts out everything and is actually quite happy to do it! I’m not convinced it will last for very long, but he’s busy saving for a new computer, so long may it last!!

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11 thoughts on “The boy wants extra money

  1. traceycwilliams says:

    Alexander is a month older than my son as he is 13 in August ! Morgan gets £1 a day pocket money but he has to do certain jobs around the house. One being hanging up his school blazer as I am sure he thought the wardrobe was the back of his chair/the floor. Does Alexander get regular pocket money and his recycling job is a little bit extra ? Just thinking what else I can get the tween doing ha xx

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  2. Sadia says:

    I had my first job around the same age. I was a tutor… and kept at that for the next 10+ years! My parents never paid me, pocket money or otherwise, but they fulfilled all my needs. I take a different approach with my girls. They (age 9) get $3/week, not contingent on housework. They can occasionally earn $0.25 for extra chores and will sometimes get cash or gift cards on birthdays or Christmas. They’re quite the entrepreneurs, though. M has been sewing bags and doll clothes and selling them at school!

    It’s so sweet that your son is willing to do a little extra toward a goal. Good for him!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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