My favorite photo of the week 5


Last Friday, Lauren had her school Prom. It was a beautiful day. This picture brings a tear to my eye, knowing how proud Michael is. He’s had a tough few years health wise and seeing him standing proudly with his daughter at her prom is just the best feeling.


Lauren’s prom

I find it really difficult to believe that my daughter has now left school. That’s it, never going back. She’s both excited and apprehensive about starting college in September. I know she will settle in well and soon make new friends.

Since she started secondary school all those years ago, she’s been planning what she’d be wearing at her prom.On Friday we had the long awaited day! I must admit it was really refreshing for me, she was so organised, she had everything planned and Daddy had taken the day off, to take her and her friend to the hairdressers. So I happily went off to work not stressed about the up coming day!

We’re very fortunate that both Lauren and Alexander go to a fabulous state school, set in gorgeous countryside. It’s off the beaten track, to the extreme you can’t actually see it from the road. The year 11 prom has always been held at school, unfortunately two years ago the school suffered a devastating fire. So luckily for Lauren and her friends their prom was to be held at Athelhampton House, the setting was beautiful.

Lauren had decided ever since Granny and Grandad had bought their new car, that was how she would be arriving!

Friday went well and by the time I’d return home from work the girls had had their hair done and were busy making lunch. By 5:00 they were dressed and ready to go, I know I’m extremely biased; Lauren looked beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Granny and Grandad arrived and lots of photographs were taken. Nanny and Grandad were able to come over as well, which was lovely. Poor Nanny is undergoing more chemotherapy to keep her cancer at bay.

At 6:00 we left for Athelhampton house, a good half an hours drive away. Lauren was one of the first to arrive, much to her relief, she didn’t want to make a grand entrance in front of her peers! We stayed for an hour an watched everyone turn up. I must admit my favourite was the girl who was driven in a ‘pick up truck’ escorted by ten Harley Davidsons, which was led by her Grandad. The noise was deafening, it really gave me goose bumps. Surprising there were only a couple of ‘dodgy dresses’. They all looked lovely, so grown up. For Lauren an end to an era, onto new horizons and an exciting new chapter of her life.

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My favourite photo of the week #4

 It’s all about my garden this week. I’m a very lazy gardener! For the last couple of years, I’ve just been putting seeds down and waiting to see what grows. I must admit I haven’t been disappointed!! The plants seem to be growing like mad over the last couple of weeks and the colours that are appearing are beautiful.  

Trying to get back into running

This week my main goal is to get back into running. Lauren attempted to come running twice but found it hard. It’s made me realised that I want to get back into running. Looking back I think it was the British heart foundation race that started the doubt in my mind that I was rubbish and couldn’t run very far! I really want to start progressing again, before the race, I was running 7 km now I struggle with 5km. Tomorrow, I’m going to run 5km with confidence. I’m not going to over think things, I’m just going to do it and be proud of myself again!  


My favourite photo of the week #2

I must admit it was quite hard to decide this week which one to choose. I have three or four photos that I could have easily chosen. But this week I decided on this picture. 

 This was taken last week whilst I was on holiday! It was such a lovely day weather wise and a great walk at my local park with my lovely Mum! 

Enjoy your week!

The boy wants extra money

Alexander will be 13 in July. He’s desperate to get a job ever since his sister got a Saturday job last year. Unfortunately he’s not even older enough at the moment for a paper round! So on Friday last week he came up with an idea on how to earn some extra money. Could he do some jobs around the house? Maybe help prepare dinner (love him)? We had a chat and both decided that every day he’d be incharge of taking out the recycling and food waste and put out the bins each week. This would earn him an extra £5 per week! So on Saturday his new job started, not to well as he thought he’d be starting on Monday! But bless him he took it like a man(!!!) and got on with his new role. Daddy helped to start of with, the recycling bins can be rather confusing for an adult! So now every morning he sorts out everything and is actually quite happy to do it! I’m not convinced it will last for very long, but he’s busy saving for a new computer, so long may it last!!

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Monday monthly melfie June

  A very rare moment in our house. Alexander actually ventured out of the house with us!! We had an enjoyable time looking in Lush, trying not to buy most of the products in the shop! We ended up on the quay for some chips as a little treat! 

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