May Half term 

Waking up on Tuesday was even better this week knowing there was no work or school. We didn’t have a lot planned. Lauren had revision to do and Alexander had planned his week around his Xbox!

  Tuesday saw Lauren and I meeting up with my sister in law. We went to Southampton for a little bit of shopping. Lauren wanted to visit John Lewis and buy her make up for her prom. We had a cheeky Nandos which was delicious!!
On Wednesday Lauren and Alexander had their own plans, so I met up with my Mum and took her dog for a lovely long walk. It saved me running that night!

Rosie the cat enjoyed the lovely weather on Wednesday. She spent most of the day outside, bless her. 

  On Thursday we went into Poole for a look round mine and Lauren’s favourite shop (Lush)! Alexander ventured out as well. We had a lovely morning, we ended up on Poole Quay, where we sat and had some chips and looked at all the very expensive boats! In the evening, Lauren and I had a walk round Upton country park. I’ve been struggling with my running lately, I’ve been finding it really boring. So Lauren and I walked the route I normally run. 

  On Friday, my sister Becky came down for the day. Apart from the terrible weather we had a great day. The sun actually shone when we took her dog Roary for a walk. We finished off the afternoon with a yummy ice cream. 

  Saturday meant an early morning due to Lauren working. This gave me a good reason to go out for a run. The weather was lovely and sunny and the views were amazing!  



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