My disappearing enthusiasm.

Over the last few months, I’ve written a couple of posts about my running. I don’t know why, just lately I’ve been finding it really boring. I think it’s the route. I have a few different ones that I run, Poole park, Upton country park and a 5km road one. 

Tonight I decided to just run the road route, disappointingly I found it so boring, a route that I can normally run comfortably was a struggle and I was bored! I think the main problem is I have nobody to run with. When I ran with my sister it was so enjoyable.

This got me thinking. What about a little change. So I’ve decided to try swimming as well. Running on a Monday and swimming on a Wednesday. 

I really need to keep active, I’ve come along way since the time I was 11 1/2 stone!!

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them! 


14 thoughts on “My disappearing enthusiasm.

  1. cherylmumof5 says:

    Mmm not keen on running myself, too much like hard work. Have you thought about zumba. I’m sure there would be a class near you. Trouble is, again its best to go with someone. If you have worked hard to get fit it would be a shame to stop now. x

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  2. Kevin says:

    When I’m running I need to keep changing it up. Sometimes I run on trails, sometimes with friends, sometimes with music, sometimes with podcasts. Sometimes I’m training for a race. Sometimes I’m pacing my daughter. Sometimes I’m getting fitter. Sometimes I’m just staying fit enough. Finding different reasons to run works for me. Keep having fun out there and don’t give up on it.

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  3. traceycwilliams says:

    How about seeing if there are any running clubs in your area ? We have a group called Plodders where we live who meet up every week. They do different routes and you walk or run the route. I am not a runner but I love swimming x

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    • Lyn says:

      I always worry that I’m not good enough to join a running club. They seem to run so much faster than me! 😐 I must admit people’s lovely comments are filling me with enthusiasm again. X


  4. Morgan Prince says:

    I enjoy running alone, when I get to do it that is. I love listening to my music, the beat keeps me going!

    Swimming is definitely a good choice, it exercises muscles you wouldn’t normally use.

    It is hard to stay motivated sometimes but it sounds like you’re on top of it. Good luck hun. xx

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  5. mummymelton says:

    I listen to music and mime along to the songs I like. I must look like a bit of an idiot but it helps me enjoy my run. I change my route too. Maybe join a class with a friend if you want something a bit different that you can do with someone else #bloggingtojogging


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