Back to work. 

So last week it was back to work for Michael and I. We had a great week, just the two of us, I must admit it felt very strange not to have Lauren and Alexander with us.

I didn’t really get up to much last week! It definitely was a busy one, as I’d been working a few extra hours as a colleague had gone to Peru for her niece’s wedding. I managed to squeeze in a couple of runs, on Wednesday I went running with my nephew, which was lovely. I enjoy running with a partner it really does make it so much more enjoyable.

Lauren and Alexander had a busy week at school. Lauren only has a couple of weeks before her GCSE’s start, so it’s pretty none stop for her. They both had some really sad new also last week, when they found out that one of their science teachers had sadly died. 

On Saturday, I even impressed myself with my keenness for housework! Alexander also worried me slightly when he announced he was going to add some more information to his French project. He even stopped playing his Xbox to do this! I did say to him “where is the real Alexander and is he ok?!”

Well I’m looking forward to another busy week. I’m hoping the weather will  be kind so I can go out for a couple of runs, I hate running in the rain! 

Enjoy your week. 

Lyn x



2 thoughts on “Back to work. 

  1. traceycwilliams says:

    Sounds lovely that you and Michael got to spend some time together. Aw but how sad about the Science teacher. Hope the children are ok. I bet you can’t believe that Lauren will be doing her GCSEs in a few weeks. Why does time go so quickly. Have a great week Lyn xx

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