Happy birthday, Lauren

Dear Lauren

Today you turned 16 years old. Daddy and I can not put into words how incredibly proud of you we are. 

You were born on a snowy April evening at 8:16pm. You were beautiful. A headful of brown hair and the cutest face ever.  You were our long awaited for baby. Two days later we took you home. I still remember now, Daddy driving home so slowly with our precious cargo on board! 

You soon settled in and like today you loved your sleep. You started rolling at five months and then you were off, no stopping you! On your first birthday you walked and you didn’t look back! 

You were such a lovely little girl, there wasn’t any terrible twos. All you wanted to do was make everybody happy and please them. At the age of three you became a big sister, a job that you stepped into amazingly. You loved and cared for your little brother, who you called ‘big boy’,beautifully. I remember when he had to have his first injections, poor Alexander cried his little heart out and so did you, your poor little big boy! The nurse give you a sticker because she thought you were so lovely!

At three you started playschool and thrived. Enjoying your little bit of independence away from Mummy. When you started big school you put your heart and soul into everything you did. I remember your first parents evening and your last parents evening in February. Your teachers all said exactly the same thing then as they do now. You have the greatest work ethic. You have worked so hard over the last few years, especially since studying for your GCSEs. The grades you’ve achieved are just something I could have only dreamed of for myself. Even when you started your little Saturday job, you approached it in the same manner.

I can honestly say to you Lauren, I can only remember the one occasion when you were naughty. But I won’t mention that! You’re such a kind and thoughtful person, you care so much about your family and your friends. I count myself so lucky to call you my daughter. You have taught me how to be a much better person, how to be more understanding of others and how to listen. You make me laugh every day with your obsessions!! I love you so much for that. My life would not be the same without you. I count myself so lucky that you still love to spend time with me, for which I’m truly grateful.

So now you’re 16. Another milestone in yours and our life. I can’t believe you will be leaving school in May! I’m so excited for you and your future. I know you will do fantastically well at college because that’s you! 

My only fear is Lauren, my beautiful little girl, is it’s getting closer to the time I dread most. You leaving home, I really can’t bare to thing of that moment. I hope it’s along time away yet!!

So Lauren, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy birthday my darling.

Love you 

Mummy x

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15 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Lauren

  1. Ali says:

    Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous letter Lyn and such beautiful words. Lauren is a credit to you and for that you should be truly proud. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Love Ali xx ps farmer palmers is a belated bday present when she’s free! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mummascribbles says:

    What a gorgeous post! I know that whilst my little one is only two and a half, time is going to fly so quickly, it won’t be long until I’m writing this letter! Happy birthday Lauren! Thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday

    Liked by 1 person

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