A Sunday run for the British Heart foundation

  On Sunday, I took part in my very first race. I woke up feeling really nervous, it didn’t help seeing all the pictures on Twitter of all the other athletes getting ready for their races! 

At 11:00 we made our way to Bournemouth, where I was thrilled to find my friend Ali waiting to support me. I met up with my sister and we prepared ourselves for the race. It was such strange experience waiting with all the other runners, I must admit I felt a bit out of my depth! 

The race started well, we made our way to Boscombe pier. I tried hard to keep my pace slow but it was differcult with the other runners around me. Once we reached the half way mark we turned round to head for home! By now I was pretty tired but determined to keep going. Unfortunately the head wind on the way back was really strong so it made it even harder! At the 3km mark I had to walk, just to catch my breath (something I’m really annoyed about). We kept going and I walked twice more, finally I saw the finishing post!! My sister kept me going and then I saw my husband and children waving at me. I’d made it back, thank goodness! I vowed I’d never to it again; now I’m home, I did actually enjoy it!

Now for a couple of days relaxing, then back to running again. The annoying thing is I know I can run 5km, I do it three times a week most weeks. Next time I will not be walking! The best bit was actually being able to overtake other runners, something I never do! 

Finally my result for the day was 158th position and the time was 33.09 mins!! More importantly, I raised £120 for the British Heart Foundation. 😀



15 thoughts on “A Sunday run for the British Heart foundation

  1. sriches says:

    Many congratulations on a fantastic run – don’t be too hard on yourself about walking, you clearly needed a breather and to regroup. Running with a buddy certainly keeps you going, would love to find a running partner. Hope you are enjoying your rest and well done on a fantastic time! 🙂 Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

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