A week of fun and sunshine

  As I write this, we’ve just returned from a brilliant week at Center Parcs! We were so lucky with the weather, I even managed to wear my flip flops!!

On Tuesday we celebrated my lovely Mum’s birthday! She turned the very young age of 70. She had a great day. Center Parcs and Cafe Rouge spoilt her rotten, with boxes of chocolates, ice creams with candles and glasses of champagne. She throughly enjoyed her day!

Lauren and Alexander also had a fab time. With lots of swimming, (this was the first time they’d been able to go by themselves!) tennis and badminton. We all enjoyed a game of badminton on Thursday and have to admit, Michael and I lost in great style!!

  As a part of Mum’s birthday present from us, we went to the Aqua Sana for a Shellac manicure on Thursday. As soon as they found out it was mum’s birthday she was given a glass of champagne and most excitingly so was I!

  We ate really well all week and I even managed a little run on Monday night! I must admit by Friday my jeans were feeling rather tight so it will be back to the healthier eating on Saturday!

Here’s a few photos from our week!


 Well now we are home, we’ve already started to plan our next visit. It won’t be for a few years but we can’t wait!!


Running in Lavender

14 thoughts on “A week of fun and sunshine

  1. Mum in a nutshell says:

    So lucky with the weather! We go here every year as our main holiday as we can guarantee a fantastic time. We’ve ventured to places new know and then but the boys still say Centre Parcs is the best. I may even treat myself to a manicure next visit (in June) even though it’s to celebrate Hubby’s 40th and not mine ; ) #TWTWC

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  2. bettyandthebumps says:

    We’re going to Center Parcs (at Whinfell though) next Monday so I really enjoyed reading about your experience. We went last year in the summer so I’m excited to try it at a different time of year.



    Liked by 1 person

  3. traceycwilliams says:

    We also love Centerparcs and I love reading other peoples trips. Looks like you had an amazing time celebrating your Mums 70th. We go every January to celebrate mine and daughters birthdays as we are 3 days apart. Best place ever xx

    Liked by 1 person

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