Back to work. 

So last week it was back to work for Michael and I. We had a great week, just the two of us, I must admit it felt very strange not to have Lauren and Alexander with us.

I didn’t really get up to much last week! It definitely was a busy one, as I’d been working a few extra hours as a colleague had gone to Peru for her niece’s wedding. I managed to squeeze in a couple of runs, on Wednesday I went running with my nephew, which was lovely. I enjoy running with a partner it really does make it so much more enjoyable.

Lauren and Alexander had a busy week at school. Lauren only has a couple of weeks before her GCSE’s start, so it’s pretty none stop for her. They both had some really sad new also last week, when they found out that one of their science teachers had sadly died. 

On Saturday, I even impressed myself with my keenness for housework! Alexander also worried me slightly when he announced he was going to add some more information to his French project. He even stopped playing his Xbox to do this! I did say to him “where is the real Alexander and is he ok?!”

Well I’m looking forward to another busy week. I’m hoping the weather will  be kind so I can go out for a couple of runs, I hate running in the rain! 

Enjoy your week. 

Lyn x



Sunday photo 11

  This picture really makes me laugh! Harry was busy grooming himself ready for his nap. 

When Lauren met Mcbusted.

  On Wednesday, for Lauren’s 16th birthday treat, she went to see Mcbusted at the BIC in Bournemouth. As an extra treat she met them! 

She was understandably excited all day.  So at 5:00 Lauren lined up with all the other meet and greet ticket holders. I spent the next two hours waiting for her!!! Slightly embarrassed as I’d been left with her banner and glow sticks! Finally Lauren turned up, she was beaming from ear to ear. The boys had been lovely to her. They’d chatted for a good 15 mins! She said they smelt really good!! 

After she’d calmed down, we went and found our space and got ready for the concert. I must admit I felt extremely old! I’d also decided that standing for 5 hours was not a good idea! The concert on the whole was pretty good. They can sing really well and obviously Lauren loved it!! I was slightly alarmed when James decided to thrust his never regions in my direction, good grief, I’m to old to scream at things like that!!

 It was great that Lauren wanted to spend the evening with me and it was only half an hour before my hearing returned! So all in all it was a good evening for me and an absolutely brilliant evening for Lauren! 

Mami 2 Five

Happy birthday, Lauren

Dear Lauren

Today you turned 16 years old. Daddy and I can not put into words how incredibly proud of you we are. 

You were born on a snowy April evening at 8:16pm. You were beautiful. A headful of brown hair and the cutest face ever.  You were our long awaited for baby. Two days later we took you home. I still remember now, Daddy driving home so slowly with our precious cargo on board! 

You soon settled in and like today you loved your sleep. You started rolling at five months and then you were off, no stopping you! On your first birthday you walked and you didn’t look back! 

You were such a lovely little girl, there wasn’t any terrible twos. All you wanted to do was make everybody happy and please them. At the age of three you became a big sister, a job that you stepped into amazingly. You loved and cared for your little brother, who you called ‘big boy’,beautifully. I remember when he had to have his first injections, poor Alexander cried his little heart out and so did you, your poor little big boy! The nurse give you a sticker because she thought you were so lovely!

At three you started playschool and thrived. Enjoying your little bit of independence away from Mummy. When you started big school you put your heart and soul into everything you did. I remember your first parents evening and your last parents evening in February. Your teachers all said exactly the same thing then as they do now. You have the greatest work ethic. You have worked so hard over the last few years, especially since studying for your GCSEs. The grades you’ve achieved are just something I could have only dreamed of for myself. Even when you started your little Saturday job, you approached it in the same manner.

I can honestly say to you Lauren, I can only remember the one occasion when you were naughty. But I won’t mention that! You’re such a kind and thoughtful person, you care so much about your family and your friends. I count myself so lucky to call you my daughter. You have taught me how to be a much better person, how to be more understanding of others and how to listen. You make me laugh every day with your obsessions!! I love you so much for that. My life would not be the same without you. I count myself so lucky that you still love to spend time with me, for which I’m truly grateful.

So now you’re 16. Another milestone in yours and our life. I can’t believe you will be leaving school in May! I’m so excited for you and your future. I know you will do fantastically well at college because that’s you! 

My only fear is Lauren, my beautiful little girl, is it’s getting closer to the time I dread most. You leaving home, I really can’t bare to thing of that moment. I hope it’s along time away yet!!

So Lauren, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy birthday my darling.

Love you 

Mummy x

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A Sunday run for the British Heart foundation

  On Sunday, I took part in my very first race. I woke up feeling really nervous, it didn’t help seeing all the pictures on Twitter of all the other athletes getting ready for their races! 

At 11:00 we made our way to Bournemouth, where I was thrilled to find my friend Ali waiting to support me. I met up with my sister and we prepared ourselves for the race. It was such strange experience waiting with all the other runners, I must admit I felt a bit out of my depth! 

The race started well, we made our way to Boscombe pier. I tried hard to keep my pace slow but it was differcult with the other runners around me. Once we reached the half way mark we turned round to head for home! By now I was pretty tired but determined to keep going. Unfortunately the head wind on the way back was really strong so it made it even harder! At the 3km mark I had to walk, just to catch my breath (something I’m really annoyed about). We kept going and I walked twice more, finally I saw the finishing post!! My sister kept me going and then I saw my husband and children waving at me. I’d made it back, thank goodness! I vowed I’d never to it again; now I’m home, I did actually enjoy it!

Now for a couple of days relaxing, then back to running again. The annoying thing is I know I can run 5km, I do it three times a week most weeks. Next time I will not be walking! The best bit was actually being able to overtake other runners, something I never do! 

Finally my result for the day was 158th position and the time was 33.09 mins!! More importantly, I raised £120 for the British Heart Foundation. 😀



My 50 favourite things.

My lovely friend Ali from my life my love tagged me in the 50 things I love post. So here are my favourite things!

1. My family
2. My friends
3. My cats
4. My home
5. My bed
6. Holidays
7. Running
8. Gardening
9. Social media
10. Sunny days
11. Modern Family
12. Meals out
13. Areo hot chocolate
14. Skinny jeans
15. BB cream
16. Snuggling on the settee under a blanket
17. My hot water bottle
18. White wine
19. Fish and chips
20. Café Rouge
21. A new haircut
22. My tablet
23. My Iphone
24. Clean sheets
25. A tidy house
26. Laughter
27. Roast dinners
28. Soap and glory shower gel
29. Cuddles from my children
30. Gary Barlow
31. Lush bath bombs
32. Light evenings
33. Poole park
34. Snoopy
35. Cold winters nights
36. Sleep
37. Lie ins
38. My car
39. My neighbours
40. Sandbanks beach
41. Shopping
42. Washing dried outside
43. Upton country park
44. Daffodils
45. Photos
46. Harry Potter
47. Barbecues
48. Strictly come dancing
49. Health
50. And finally, listening to my children laughing


A week of fun and sunshine

  As I write this, we’ve just returned from a brilliant week at Center Parcs! We were so lucky with the weather, I even managed to wear my flip flops!!

On Tuesday we celebrated my lovely Mum’s birthday! She turned the very young age of 70. She had a great day. Center Parcs and Cafe Rouge spoilt her rotten, with boxes of chocolates, ice creams with candles and glasses of champagne. She throughly enjoyed her day!

Lauren and Alexander also had a fab time. With lots of swimming, (this was the first time they’d been able to go by themselves!) tennis and badminton. We all enjoyed a game of badminton on Thursday and have to admit, Michael and I lost in great style!!

  As a part of Mum’s birthday present from us, we went to the Aqua Sana for a Shellac manicure on Thursday. As soon as they found out it was mum’s birthday she was given a glass of champagne and most excitingly so was I!

  We ate really well all week and I even managed a little run on Monday night! I must admit by Friday my jeans were feeling rather tight so it will be back to the healthier eating on Saturday!

Here’s a few photos from our week!


 Well now we are home, we’ve already started to plan our next visit. It won’t be for a few years but we can’t wait!!


Running in Lavender