British heart foundation five km run

If I could go back in time. To this time last year and tell myself, that would be preparing for my first ever competitive running race. I’d would have more than likely had to pick myself off the floor after laughing so much! Put it this way, in all of my nearly 42 years, I have never ever run in a competitive race (unless you count the dreaded yearly event of cross country at school)! 

So here I am a year later preparing myself for 12 April, when I take part in the British Heart foundation, Bournemouth bay 5km run. I feel quite confident that I will be able to do it. At the moment I can run 5km in 33 minutes. It probably sounds strange; I’m actually excited about the race. The fact that all my family will be there to cheer myself and my sister on, makes me feel really proud of myself. The only sad thing about the race is my other sister was meant to be doing it with us, unfortunately  she had to pull out due to injury.

I’m now not only on the count down to Center Parcs but also my race! The best bit is I actually get a medal! I’ve never, ever won a medal. I think I’ll wear it to work on the Monday, like all the children do when they’ve won a medal!!

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