My favourite parts of being a mum to two teenagers

  1. The lie-ins! I love my bed and my sleep. Getting up early in the week is such a struggle. So I really look forward to my weekend lie-ins!
  2. The great company. Lauren and I often have a wonder round the shops together. When my OH is away we normally watch a rubbishy movie and have a facemask. Even Alexander can be good company when he’s away from his gadgets!
  3. Being able to spend alone time with Michael. These are more frequent now, Michael and I are able to go out by ourselves together, without the worry of a babysitter. This is something I really do enjoy.
  4. Not having to watch CBeebies on the telly! Most days Lauren and Alexander disappear straight up to their bedrooms once they’re home from school. So gone are the days when they’d argue about what we’d be watching on the telly!
  5. How well they get on together. I know on this one, how extremely lucky I am. I really enjoy listening to them chat and laugh at the rubbish they watch on You tube!
  6. Affection. They both, especially Alexander still like a hug and a kiss. They both still like to have a kiss goodnight and Alexander loves a bit of tickle back every now and then!
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28 thoughts on “My favourite parts of being a mum to two teenagers

  1. traceycwilliams says:

    This is a lovely post as sometimes I think we just look at the negatives of living with teens/tweens. Totally agree with them just disappearing into their bedrooms once they get back from school. That’s where my 2 are now, hence I thought I would just jump on the laptop. Sounds like your 2 have a great relationship. Mine are more love hate though I know they would always look out for each other x

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  2. teentweentoddler1 says:

    This is a lovely post! I used to have all of this (still do some parts) until I threw a baby in the works (which is now a toddler) lol x

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  3. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea) says:

    This is such a lovely post and makes me really look forward to my two hitting this stage together. It’s so refreshing to read a positive post about this time rather than all the negative things we read about teenagers. Visiting from #sundaystars (but would so love you to link this up at my #sharethejoy linky on Monday!)

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  4. bettyandthebumps says:

    Not that I’m wishing Gwenn’s life away but this sleep thing you talk about?!?! Looking forward to getting some of that in the future!!! x


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  5. Mum in a nutshell says:

    That’s so lovely, I’m mum to a 14 year old and it can be really tough sometimes, he’s shunned any form of physical contact from me a few years ago although we do have a good relationship I just miss the affectionate chatty child he was. #sundaysstars

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  6. mrshsfavouritethings says:

    What a fabulous post. Parents always make raising teenagers sound a complete nightmare. I am sure your daughter and son have their moments but they do sound lovely. Can I also say, that I like the idea of lie-ins and watching less CBeebies! Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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  7. joyandpops says:

    Thank you so much for some positive insight to life with older children – so often all I hear is negativity! My girls are 7 and 2 so we have a while to go yet, I don’t want to wish their lives away but I’m really liking some of the things on your list too!!

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  8. plaguedparents says:

    Yes, there are things to love about having teenagers! We forget that so often with all the busyness and angst. Thanks for the reminder of the precious little things.

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  9. beccabunting says:

    Aww how lovely – you are very lucky to have two teens that get along!! And I’m definitely looking forward to the lie ins I will hopefully get once my baby becomes a teen….I’ve already decided that I’m going to drag her out of bed at 6am at least once a week as punishment for her getting me up at 5:30 every day 😉 xx

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