Fitness and running.

Last week, one of my followers on Twitter asked me whether I’d like to take part in a new online fitness class. They wanted people to try it out and to see if it would work. There will be a personnel trainer on the other end of the computer. All I needed was a webcam. I thought it sounded it fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Last weeks running was great as I was able to go out running in the daylight. I’m really looking forward to the lighter and warmer evenings.
Sunday’s run went really well. I managed to run 7km. The pace was a bit slower, something I’d done on purpose so I would be able to run the distance. I love listening to music when I’m running, I have pretty poor taste in music! Whilst running back towards home, a song from the musical Wicked came on, it was just the encouragement I needed!
During the week we had a trial smoothie making session! I’m still waiting for my smoothie maker to turn up, to be honest I’ve given up on it! We found a recipe for a fruits of the forest smoothie. I’m incredibly fussy but did actually like it. It was very filling so would be great for breakfast.
This week I’m also trying to get back into better eating habits. I’ve let the odd piece of cake slip back in to my diet. Especially last week being half term!

Enjoy your week 

Lyn x



5 thoughts on “Fitness and running.

  1. sriches says:

    I have created a playlist especially for running now on my phone and it does have some embarrassing tunes on there but hey, if it works! Well done on the 7k run, the online fitness class sounds interesting – keep us posted! #WeightLossWednesday – Sim x

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