Smoothie making trial

Since I’ve been trying to eat a little bit healthier and lose weight. I’ve been trying to think of some interesting treats to have.
Whilst on Twitter, I was asked whether I’d ever tried smoothies. To be honest I hadn’t as we don’t have a blender/smoothie maker. It did get me thinking though. We do have a mini chopper, that can be used to do multiple actions. We’d mainly used it to chop onions or whisk up cream for an Eton mess!
I decided to see if there was any recipes online that took my fancy, I am really fussy!! I found one that sounded pretty tasty from the BBC Good Food website. Forest fruit and banana smoothie. There wasn’t many ingredients to buy and it was simple to make.
Here’s the recipe
450g Fruits of the forest fat free yoghurt.
1 banana sliced
Frozen fruits of the forest.
A good think with this recipe was using frozen fruits. They aren’t very expensive and can be kept for ages in the freezer.
I basically just put in what I though was the right amount of fruit. I then simply whizzed up all the ingredients. Surprisingly it turned out really well, lovely and smooth and no chunks of fruit. Michael I both had a glass and it was delicious. We both agreed that it would be ideal for breakfast as it was very filling, I struggled to finish mine.
I’d love to hear what you think of the smoothie.

Lyn x



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