Half term

I really can’t believe how quickly the half term week went by. I didn’t get half the things done that I wanted to!
Last week was a lovely and relaxing week. Everyone was at home, even Michael had managed to book the week off!! We didn’t have a lot planned, just bits and pieces. The highlight of the week for everyone was Bowlplex, followed by Pizza Express. We tend not to be able to do mornings out like this as they can be really expensive. Thanks to Tesco’s we used our clubcard vouchers to pay for our meal at a Pizza Express.
We really did have such a laugh and I even won a game of bowling! The meal and Pizza Express was delicious. We all came away absolutely stuffed!
I also managed to get some really lovely photos of us all to remember the day. As the children get older, I really enjoy spending time with them. I’m so aware that in a few years time, Lauren may have left home. She has plans to move to London due to her choice of career. I must admit this really breaks my heart! I said to Lauren only the other day whilst we were talking about her leaving home but you promised when you were little that you’d live with me forever! Even Alexander enjoyed himself, I think he may have been suffering Xbox withdrawal symptoms towards the end! We even managed to have a conversation with him. To which I’m truly grateful! Anyway we are now on the countdown to the Easter holidays! Only 6 weeks and we will be off to Center Parcs!



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