My Sunday photo


Lauren’s prom dress

On Monday we finally found the one! Luckily for me this was only the second attempt at buying Lauren’s prom dress! The first one was from ASOS, it looked gorgeous on the computer but just wasn’t quite right when it arrived. Our lovely hairdresser Nicole told us that TK max also had prom dresses, so we thought we’d have a look. There was a few to choose from, Lauren really liked a black floor length one but it was just a little to big. The next one was the one we bought. It doesn’t look like it the photograph; it’s actually navy blue. The minute she tried it on, I knew it was the one! It fitted beautifully and Lauren looked gorgeous  (biased I know)! I love how it shows of her figure but it’s not ‘tarty’. A friend of mine said she thought it was classy and beautiful. Next step is the shoes, accessories and hair. She has it all planned!

Happy Sunday !

Lyn x


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