An active couple of weeks

I’ve seen to have been quite busy over the last couple of weeks. I’m still trying hard to eat healthy and my running is still going well. On Sunday I managed to run 5.75 km.

I was really pleased with my run, I’ve been planning this route for a little while, so was pleased to final achieve it.
I tend to weigh myself every couple of weeks, so was really pleased to see I’d lost 2lb. I wasn’t expecting to have lost any!
I’ve been excitedly planing and researching recipes for my smoothie maker. We decided we all fancied the forest fruit and banana one. Just waiting for it to arrive now!

Another exciting thing to happen this week, was being asked to help out with the junior boot camp at our school. This is a new club and the P.E teacher knows that I’m trying to get fit, so thought I’d like to join in!! So watch this space!!!

Have a good week everyone

Lyn x

Sim's Life

5 thoughts on “An active couple of weeks

  1. sriches says:

    Ohhh the Forest Fruit smoothie looks delicious, enjoy when your blender arrives! Fab news on the run, I enjoyed running this week but had to slow it down as could feel me knee starting to twinge again 😦
    Have fun with the Junior Boot Camp – wouldn’t mind joining a bootcamp myself!

    Thanks for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday, hope you are having a good week and see you next week! 🙂 Sim x

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