A good week for my diet and running!

Last week was another good week. I’ve continued to keep the weight off and still weigh my target weight. I’ve stopped religiously weighing myself once a week, I don’t want to get obsessed with how much I weigh. (I’ve already been accused at work of being Anorexic! 😐)

I’m finding I’m now use to my diet and have stopped graving chocolate and biscuits. I don’t really miss them and find eating fruit just as satisfying! Which for me is a surprise! Don’t get me wrong, I still treat myself to a piece of cake every now and then!

My running has also been going well, it’s taken a bit of motivation with the cold weather I must admit! To give me some inspiration, my twin sister and I signed up for the 5km Bournemouth bay run. I feel it’s achievable, just lately I’ve been able to run it in around 32 minutes.
Here’s to another good week!

Lyn x 💛


Sim's Life

5 thoughts on “A good week for my diet and running!

  1. sriches says:

    Well done on a good week! Unfortunately I doubt I will ever give up on standing on the scales every day! I have a newfound fondness of fruit too – managed to pick up some blueberries the other day for a nice treat too! Good luck for the 5k chick – having a running partner will make it more enjoyable! Thank you for linking up to #WeightLossWednesday Sim xx

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