Back to normality with a bump


On Sunday we made a count down to the Easter holidays and Center Parcs chart. We also had to put the alarm back on after a fabulous half term. Very depressing!
I managed to run my furthest distance yet, 7km. I was really pleased.

 On Monday, we had ago at making smoothies. We made a fruit of the forest one. It was delicious!

On Wednesday it was lovely to see the spring bulbs starting to come out in flower. Daffodils are definitely my favourite.

Harry the cat also had some fun this week. Michael had been sorting out his cupboard and found and old box. Hours of fun for Harry as he went slightly mad!!

It was parents evening for Lauren on Thursday. The last one ever for her at school! Everything was good and fingers crossed she’s on her way to getting good results in her GCSEs. Alexander didn’t have the best start to the week! Hopefully we’ve sorted it and can say goodbye to those problems for a while! Thursday evening saw Lauren and I taking part in a trial online fitness. It was excellent and hard work! We both ended up extremely hot and sweaty! This was the picture of me before hand!

I hope you all had a great week!

Lyn x

*disclaimer, we were kindly given the trial online fitness session by All reviews are my own words.

Mami 2 Five

Smoothie making trial

Since I’ve been trying to eat a little bit healthier and lose weight. I’ve been trying to think of some interesting treats to have.
Whilst on Twitter, I was asked whether I’d ever tried smoothies. To be honest I hadn’t as we don’t have a blender/smoothie maker. It did get me thinking though. We do have a mini chopper, that can be used to do multiple actions. We’d mainly used it to chop onions or whisk up cream for an Eton mess!
I decided to see if there was any recipes online that took my fancy, I am really fussy!! I found one that sounded pretty tasty from the BBC Good Food website. Forest fruit and banana smoothie. There wasn’t many ingredients to buy and it was simple to make.
Here’s the recipe
450g Fruits of the forest fat free yoghurt.
1 banana sliced
Frozen fruits of the forest.
A good think with this recipe was using frozen fruits. They aren’t very expensive and can be kept for ages in the freezer.
I basically just put in what I though was the right amount of fruit. I then simply whizzed up all the ingredients. Surprisingly it turned out really well, lovely and smooth and no chunks of fruit. Michael I both had a glass and it was delicious. We both agreed that it would be ideal for breakfast as it was very filling, I struggled to finish mine.
I’d love to hear what you think of the smoothie.

Lyn x


Half term

I really can’t believe how quickly the half term week went by. I didn’t get half the things done that I wanted to!
Last week was a lovely and relaxing week. Everyone was at home, even Michael had managed to book the week off!! We didn’t have a lot planned, just bits and pieces. The highlight of the week for everyone was Bowlplex, followed by Pizza Express. We tend not to be able to do mornings out like this as they can be really expensive. Thanks to Tesco’s we used our clubcard vouchers to pay for our meal at a Pizza Express.
We really did have such a laugh and I even won a game of bowling! The meal and Pizza Express was delicious. We all came away absolutely stuffed!
I also managed to get some really lovely photos of us all to remember the day. As the children get older, I really enjoy spending time with them. I’m so aware that in a few years time, Lauren may have left home. She has plans to move to London due to her choice of career. I must admit this really breaks my heart! I said to Lauren only the other day whilst we were talking about her leaving home but you promised when you were little that you’d live with me forever! Even Alexander enjoyed himself, I think he may have been suffering Xbox withdrawal symptoms towards the end! We even managed to have a conversation with him. To which I’m truly grateful! Anyway we are now on the countdown to the Easter holidays! Only 6 weeks and we will be off to Center Parcs!


My Sunday photo


Lauren’s prom dress

On Monday we finally found the one! Luckily for me this was only the second attempt at buying Lauren’s prom dress! The first one was from ASOS, it looked gorgeous on the computer but just wasn’t quite right when it arrived. Our lovely hairdresser Nicole told us that TK max also had prom dresses, so we thought we’d have a look. There was a few to choose from, Lauren really liked a black floor length one but it was just a little to big. The next one was the one we bought. It doesn’t look like it the photograph; it’s actually navy blue. The minute she tried it on, I knew it was the one! It fitted beautifully and Lauren looked gorgeous  (biased I know)! I love how it shows of her figure but it’s not ‘tarty’. A friend of mine said she thought it was classy and beautiful. Next step is the shoes, accessories and hair. She has it all planned!

Happy Sunday !

Lyn x


My week in pictures


As I write this, I’m lying in bed knowing I don’t need to worry about getting up to get ready for work, make the lunch boxes or do the school run. We’re on half term!! 😄 I absolutely love the holidays and spending time with Lauren and Alexander. Even though as they get older they pretty much please themselves what they do! I decided that as the week can go by so quickly, we should at least have a day altogether, a ‘family day’! So I’ve booked us in for a bit of bowling and Pizza Express. Thanks to my handy Tesco club card vouchers, I always forget to use them!!

On Saturday, Alexander had his friend to sleepover. He’s actually got some great friends and Ryan is one of them! He’s the sensible voice in Alexander’s head; I’m not sure if Ryan’s mum agrees with me about this though!! Lauren and I did laugh when they both turned up with two bottles of fizzy and a bag of mints, they were in for a heavy night by the looks of it!!

Since I’ve lost weight, I’ve start to wear a little bit of make up. I really didn’t have much of any idea on where to start. Luckily Lauren has a keen interest in makeup, she’s off to college in September to learn ‘hair and media make up’. On Saturday I met her from work, where she helped me choose some eyeshadow. When we got home she showed me how to wear it. She really is a  good tutor, bless her!!

One of the most exciting parts of the week was the ‘ making the most of your stay’ booklet arriving from Center Parcs. We’re going in April to celebrate my Mum’s 70th birthday and Lauren’s 16th. We all love it there so much, this will be visit number seven! We’re now on the official count down, only 49 days to go!!

Also this week, I ran my furthest distance since I started running. 6.5km. To the expert runner it probably doesn’t seem that far; for me, who was a complete couch potato, this was fantastic! I must admit  my legs ached for the rest of the day!

Enjoy your week!

Lyn x

Mami 2 Five

I did it!

On Sunday I managed to reach another goal. To run 6km, in fact I managed 6.5km. Sunday is the only day I get to run in the daylight. So I feel more confident to run a bit further. I’m very lucky to live near Upton Country park, it has a shoreline walk which over looks Holes Bay. So, Sunday morning I was feeling energetic and decided to run a slightly longer route through Upton Country park. I started off at my house which is great because it’s all down hill! Took the shoreline walk through Upton Country park then back out onto the main road and home. The worst bit was the hill on the way back, I must admit it’s the bit that nearly gets me. Looking into the distance at the hill in front of me, knowing that’s the only way home!! I found a trick to deal with this though, I run looking at the pavement, I haven’t run into anything yet!! As I got closer to home, Tina Turner’s ‘simply the best’ came onto my IPhone, it made my skin tingle, I felt so proud of myself. This time last year I was a couch potato, look at me now!
So, I’ve set my new challenge for next Sunday. To try and run 7km, realistically I’m only 500 metres away from my goal!
This week I’m looking forward to being able to run in the daylight as we’re all off for the half term!
Enjoy your week!

Lyn x



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The Musing Housewife

My Sunday photo

I love this photo of my nephews. They’re growing up so quickly, they’re so cute and I love to hear them chat away. Whilst I took this picture I said to S “are you going to look at the camera”? He replied “no I’m eating”! Really made us laugh!

Happy Sunday

Lyn x

Running in Lavender

An active couple of weeks

I’ve seen to have been quite busy over the last couple of weeks. I’m still trying hard to eat healthy and my running is still going well. On Sunday I managed to run 5.75 km.

I was really pleased with my run, I’ve been planning this route for a little while, so was pleased to final achieve it.
I tend to weigh myself every couple of weeks, so was really pleased to see I’d lost 2lb. I wasn’t expecting to have lost any!
I’ve been excitedly planing and researching recipes for my smoothie maker. We decided we all fancied the forest fruit and banana one. Just waiting for it to arrive now!

Another exciting thing to happen this week, was being asked to help out with the junior boot camp at our school. This is a new club and the P.E teacher knows that I’m trying to get fit, so thought I’d like to join in!! So watch this space!!!

Have a good week everyone

Lyn x

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