My running buddy.

I started running last September, to help with my weight lose. Luckily where I live there are quite a few routes to use. By myself, I managed to run 3.6 km.

Over the Christmas holidays, I visited my sister. She had been going to the gym. We chatted about how much we both liked running, Nicki on the treadmill and myself outside. We decided to start running together. It was amazing having someone else with me, to keep me motivated. We did really well together. We managed to run 5.72 km.

We looked into some local charity events and registered for the British Heart Foundation 5km Bournemouth bay run.

We ran together on Sunday and Nicki told me her knee had become very swollen. She’d suffered as a child from a knee injury. When I spoke to her on Monday she decided to rest it for the week. Yesterday she went to the doctors, she was given the bad news. She was not allowed to run again. The doctor told her he was amazed she’d been able to run for as long as she could.

To say we were both gutted was an understatement. I  must admit I cried!  Would I be able to carry on by myself?  What about the 5km race we’d registered for?

The new positive me  said “yes I could”!!  I went out last night and ran 5km. Talking to myself to get to the end. Anyone running behind would have thought I was mad! I’m determind to carry on running. I love it and feel so good about myself afterwards.

So, fair well my running buddy, I will miss the laughs we had together. Thanks for the good times.

Every run I do now will be for you!



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