My not so little daughter Lauren!

I really can’t believe that Lauren will be leaving school in June. It only seems like yesterday, she started in reception, holding my hand as we walked up the path together.

In September Lauren will be studying at Bournemouth College. She is obsessed with hair and make up, so we were all really pleased when she was offered a place on a hair and media make up course, if not slightly frustrated that her school and some of her friends thought she was taking the easy option!

Lauren is such a lovely young lady, extremely caring and thoughtful (not sure where she gets it from)! So we’re really excited to see what the future holds for her.

Lauren has been working in a sandwich bar in our local town Poole for a few months now, she loves the money at the end of the day. She does make me laugh, by the time she’s ready to be picked up, she’s nearly spent her wages on more make up and clothes!!

With her Christmas money, she decided to have our hairdresser Nicole, Ombré her hair. She was really excited! The result… she looked gorgeous, thanks to Nicole for doing such a fab job.20150121_182303(1)Enjoy your week.

Lyn and Lauren x 20141106_185812


5 thoughts on “My not so little daughter Lauren!

  1. teentweentoddler1 says:

    Aww she’s beautiful and her hair looks lovely. My teen wants to get into hair and beauty too and it’s definitely not the easy option, the paperwork is ridiculous! X

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