Family time.

20140529_141010Like everyone else I know, I adore spending time with my family. Whether it’s just the four of us or the rest of mine or Michael’s family.

Alexander is nearly 13 and no longer wants to go out with his Mum and Dad. 😐 Lauren is 16 in April, started a little Saturday job just before Christmas.

So this morning, it was just Michael and I. Earlier in the week we’d arranged to meet up with my parents and take them out to our local garden centre for a coffee and of course a piece of cake.

It was lovely, we spent the morning looking at ridiculously over priced garden furniture. We decided when we win the lottery we’d buy it!  We chatted about our upcoming holiday  and pretty much everything else!

I must admit it was lovely not to have the ‘sulking son’ there with us. I could really relax and not worry about him being bored, just worry about what he was upto alone at home instead!

Happy weekend everyone.


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6 thoughts on “Family time.

  1. mummyofboygirltwins says:

    Having some time alone is so nice isn’t it? Even just to look at garden furniture! Hubby and I got away lasts weekend and it was so nice to chat and talk about anything but house and kids! Lovely! Your blog is fab and I’m loving it! Thanks for linking to #sundaystars 🙂 Jess x


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