My new addiction!

Last September, I turned 41 (yuck)! I must admit I’d fallen into really bad eating habits. I woke up the week before my birthday and decided I had to start eating healthier. So I cut out all the biscuits, cakes and sweeties I was eating and replaced them with fruit.

I follow a few lifestyle bloggers and remembered reading how one had said how much she enjoyed running. The bonuses were no costly gym membership and equipment, all you really needed was  a pair of trainers. I thought I’d give it ago.

So four months later, I’m addicted to running, I love it!  I probably bore my lovely friends to death talking about it!  I now go running three times a week with my sister Nicky. We generally do have such a laugh together, it really helps take your mind off your problems and leaves you feeling so motivated. We hope to take part in the British Heart Foundation 5km Bournemouth bay run in April.

P.S it really helps with weight loss!

A Fresh Start

21 thoughts on “My new addiction!

  1. sriches says:

    Running is a fantastic form of weight loss, it’s an all rounder and I love watching my legs change and tone up! It’s great you have a running buddy, will certainly spur you on! Look forward to your updates! Sim @ #WeightLossWednesday xx

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  2. Carly says:

    I tried running a few times and didn’t like it, but maybe I should give it another go, I do find it generally hard to get to the Gym or join any clubs due to having the kids most of the time and working full time, I do get out walking the dogs though so maybe I should try adding jogging to the dog walk! dogs won’t know what’s hit them! Looking forward to following your journey! #WeightLossWednesday


  3. we3threeblog says:

    i’d like to get into running (or jogging) ive done it a few times and enjoyed it but im rubbish at sticking with things. its lovely that you have found something you really like doing and you are still enjoying it. This has really motivated me to go jogging again *hunts for trainers* #WeightLossWednesday


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