My lovely Mum in law.

I’ve always been extremely grateful for the relationship I have with Michael’s parents. As the children were growing up they were always there when we needed a baby sitter and also when I started a part time job. I  will always appreciated their help.

Last October we were dealt some devastating news. My lovely Mum in law was diagnosed with stage one Peritoneum cancer and there was no cure. To say we were all completely blown apart was an understatement.

My mum in law started chemo straight away, she was incredibly brave. My sister in law was amazing, she supported both my mum and father in law so well. What we would have done without her I don’t know. Yesterday after five doses of chemo, we were thrilled to hear from her consultant that she was in remission. 💖


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My running buddy.

I started running last September, to help with my weight lose. Luckily where I live there are quite a few routes to use. By myself, I managed to run 3.6 km.

Over the Christmas holidays, I visited my sister. She had been going to the gym. We chatted about how much we both liked running, Nicki on the treadmill and myself outside. We decided to start running together. It was amazing having someone else with me, to keep me motivated. We did really well together. We managed to run 5.72 km.

We looked into some local charity events and registered for the British Heart Foundation 5km Bournemouth bay run.

We ran together on Sunday and Nicki told me her knee had become very swollen. She’d suffered as a child from a knee injury. When I spoke to her on Monday she decided to rest it for the week. Yesterday she went to the doctors, she was given the bad news. She was not allowed to run again. The doctor told her he was amazed she’d been able to run for as long as she could.

To say we were both gutted was an understatement. I  must admit I cried!  Would I be able to carry on by myself?  What about the 5km race we’d registered for?

The new positive me  said “yes I could”!!  I went out last night and ran 5km. Talking to myself to get to the end. Anyone running behind would have thought I was mad! I’m determind to carry on running. I love it and feel so good about myself afterwards.

So, fair well my running buddy, I will miss the laughs we had together. Thanks for the good times.

Every run I do now will be for you!


My boy!

20140811_160322My boy will be 13 in July, how did that happen?  As he is my youngest child, I can’t help but still think of him as my baby boy!

A lot of his friends at school have turned 13 already. Last night he was invited to go out for a meal and the cinema with his friend, on their own. My first reaction was to panic!  Why? I  don’t know. He was really excited about going and declared this was what he wanted to do for his birthday treat!

I’ve realised that I need to relax more. Alexander can be sensible. Realistically, no child has ever been kidnapped from the cinema!!! 😆

It’s lovely to see Alexander growing up and going out with his friends. I’m so proud of the young man that he’s become.

Have a good evening everyone.

Lyn x

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My not so little daughter Lauren!

I really can’t believe that Lauren will be leaving school in June. It only seems like yesterday, she started in reception, holding my hand as we walked up the path together.

In September Lauren will be studying at Bournemouth College. She is obsessed with hair and make up, so we were all really pleased when she was offered a place on a hair and media make up course, if not slightly frustrated that her school and some of her friends thought she was taking the easy option!

Lauren is such a lovely young lady, extremely caring and thoughtful (not sure where she gets it from)! So we’re really excited to see what the future holds for her.

Lauren has been working in a sandwich bar in our local town Poole for a few months now, she loves the money at the end of the day. She does make me laugh, by the time she’s ready to be picked up, she’s nearly spent her wages on more make up and clothes!!

With her Christmas money, she decided to have our hairdresser Nicole, Ombré her hair. She was really excited! The result… she looked gorgeous, thanks to Nicole for doing such a fab job.20150121_182303(1)Enjoy your week.

Lyn and Lauren x 20141106_185812

Family time.

20140529_141010Like everyone else I know, I adore spending time with my family. Whether it’s just the four of us or the rest of mine or Michael’s family.

Alexander is nearly 13 and no longer wants to go out with his Mum and Dad. 😐 Lauren is 16 in April, started a little Saturday job just before Christmas.

So this morning, it was just Michael and I. Earlier in the week we’d arranged to meet up with my parents and take them out to our local garden centre for a coffee and of course a piece of cake.

It was lovely, we spent the morning looking at ridiculously over priced garden furniture. We decided when we win the lottery we’d buy it!  We chatted about our upcoming holiday  and pretty much everything else!

I must admit it was lovely not to have the ‘sulking son’ there with us. I could really relax and not worry about him being bored, just worry about what he was upto alone at home instead!

Happy weekend everyone.


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My new addiction!

Last September, I turned 41 (yuck)! I must admit I’d fallen into really bad eating habits. I woke up the week before my birthday and decided I had to start eating healthier. So I cut out all the biscuits, cakes and sweeties I was eating and replaced them with fruit.

I follow a few lifestyle bloggers and remembered reading how one had said how much she enjoyed running. The bonuses were no costly gym membership and equipment, all you really needed was  a pair of trainers. I thought I’d give it ago.

So four months later, I’m addicted to running, I love it!  I probably bore my lovely friends to death talking about it!  I now go running three times a week with my sister Nicky. We generally do have such a laugh together, it really helps take your mind off your problems and leaves you feeling so motivated. We hope to take part in the British Heart Foundation 5km Bournemouth bay run in April.

P.S it really helps with weight loss!

A Fresh Start

2015 a special year.

Well…. my lovely friend Ali has finally persuaded me to write a blog. So here’s my first attempt.

I can’t believe that it’s already the middle of January. This year is a milestone year for us as a family, my lovely and wonderful husband turns 50 in September, my mum turns 70, my precious  (not so little) daughter turns 16 and my gorgeous boy is 13!

Lauren has a busy year ahead of her. She’s currently sitting her mocks ready for May’s G.C.S.E’s. She is so organised, she’s applied for college and has accepted a place. What can I say about Alexander…. he rarely leaves his room, except for school and food!

Lyn x